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Normal Glass.

Offers the least amount of UV protection for the artwork being framed.

It is ideal for low value posters and prints and where reflection is not a problem.

Diffused Glass. Much lower reflective quality than normal glass but has a frosty greyish appearance, it can be used for posters and prints without a mount card.

Tru vue Conservation quality. This glass offers 99% protection against UV rays, but it is as reflective as normal glass.

Art glass 84%. This glass gives 84% protection from UV rays, it is perfectly clear and non reflective, it really is almost invisible.

Art Glass 97%. This glass gives 97% protection from UV rays, it is perfectly clear and non reflective, again almost invisible.

Up until the end of September we are offering up to 30% off of UV glass of all types.

Even if you are happy with the frames you have now, if you have valuable artworks that you want to preserve, why not upgrade the glass? Frames that were done 20 years or more ago may also have used oil tempered hardboard as a backing which can lead to foxing spots on the image, (small brown specs coming through the image paper) this can be helped by replacing the old board with a new one and adding an acid layer between the artwork and the new board.


Another thing to look out for is the mount card, modern cards are non acidic wheras in previous times this was not the case, the easy way to tell is by looking at the bevelled edge of the card where it meets with the artwork, this should be a crisp white, acidic boards will look orange/brown. As these boards age they emit vapours that can also be detrimental to the framed work!

Glass Types

Up to 30% off UV Glass

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